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Jeff Beck Talks Eric Clapton Rivalry and What Motown Taught Him

Ahead of a new doc telling his life story, the guitar legend reflects o nmore than 50 years of work with everyone from Jimmy Page to Tina Turner

"I was going to write an autobiography once," Jeff Beck says with a laugh. "I started writing it, and then I thought, 'No, let them dig around when I'm dead.'" It's a late April day, and the guitarist, age 73, is reclining comfortably in a black chair in his Tribeca hotel suite. It's a big room with a fireplace and a table with bowls of fruit and candy bars on it. He's dressed casually in a striped hoodie-like shirt and alternates between drinking cappuccino and Evian. It's good to be Jeff Beck, and he  has the proof.


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Alice In Chains return with first new song in five years ‘The One You Know’

After 35 Years, A New Song From ABBA Is On The Way

Evanescence's Amy Lee: I had to step away from being a rockstar

Alice In Chains have released their first new song in five years, titled ‘The One You Know’. The Seattle band last released an album in 2013 with ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’, now returning with this riff-heavy stomper. Their new album, the band’s sixth studio effort to date, is expected for release in the summer.

More than three decades after ABBA broke up, the Swedish band's four members — Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid — have announced that they've been back in the studio together and have recorded two new songs. But you won't be seeing them, in flesh and blood, on the road. Inst ead,they're sending hologram avatars out on tour...

When Evanescence unleashed Fallen in 2003, they inspired a generation. But for Amy Lee, it was the start of a decade-long struggle to control her own destiny Amy Lee is in a playful mood. Despite talking to press all day, the Evanescence singer and gothic rock superstar is warm and chatty, anticipating our next question with a, “C’mon, what you got, whatcha got?” and giggling.

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