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   Welcome to the Willow Paranormal Society   website. I am currently in the process of giving it a new look. So excuse the mess. I hope you stay a bit and check out some of the features we have so far. Thank You.


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Coming in October

 Some of our members will be returning to the Miners Cabin on the 4th of October to do a night investigation of both the Cabin as well as the Gold Hill Hotel. Below the Miners cabin is the Yellow Jacket mine. On the morning of April 7, 1869, fire spread at the 800-foot level. On that day 37 miners lost their lives and many of their bodies were never recovered.

Waverly Hills

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Gettysburg, PA

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Shadow Talk Radio will be returning this October. We will have an assortment of Music and Paranormal talk shows with some amazing Hosts and their Guests.


While we are at the Miners Cabin  the team will be trying some new ideas that have not been tested on a site. I will post the results here after that investigation.


The Willow Paranormal Society is looking to add a couple of new members to its research team. If you live in the Reno, Nevada area and this might be of interest to you then contact us through our CONTACT form.

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The Strange Case of Emilie Sagée & her Ghostly Twin

     The true story of Emilie Sagée (1813 - ?). Emilie was a teacher, and a very good one at that. But she had difficulty keeping a teaching position for long – the reason being is that she a twin helper who accompanied her wherever she went. This 'Doppelgänger' would mimic her actions and wander around the school. The children didn't seem to mind, but once their parents found out about the second ghostly Emilie....she had to start looking for another job.

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